Cooler Master Silencio 550 Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2012-02-21

With todays powerful hardware components, most computer case designs are mainly focused on maximizing airflow. Sometimes compromising on one vital aspect, which is noise reduction. It's pretty hard to get a decent balance in a midi sized tower between decent airflow and near silent operation. Cooler Master is targeting, with this Silencio 550, those that look to build a silent PC. Yet no compromises are made in build quality, air flow is decent to warrant safe operation and all this with a very affordable price tag.

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Case Innards

Once we remove both the sidepanels, we immediately spot the brown accesory box and the generously large cutout in the motherboard. Instead of HDD trays Cooler Master opted for mounting clips, which are pretty easy to use.



Besdeis the mounting clips we still find neatly packed screws, a tool to tighten the mobo spacer, anti vibration foam pads for the PSU and a speaker.




Cooling wise, there are two low spining 800rpm fans included. Just enough for some decent airflow, yet keeping noise level at a bare minimum. A 2nd front 120/140mm fan is optional.



A total of 7 HDD spaces are foreseen, divided over a removable top HDD cage (4) and 3 slots in the lower HDD cage.




It just takes 4 screws, then the top cage can slide out. Either for optimising the airflow and/or increasing long graphic card compatibility. With the cage installed you can use up to 281mm long GPU's. Without the cage, up to 400mm in length is supported. If you opt to also remove the front fan, maximum GPU length goes up to 427mm.




Hard Disk installation is childs play. Just align the two brackets with the HDD's screw holes and slide it into the HDD bay. Only one SSD tray is included, securely mount the SSD via 4 screws, the tray just slides into the bay.




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