Cooler Master GeminII M4 CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2012-02-06

Usually when a CPU cooler is reviewed here at the Shrimps we are talking about high end big and bulky models. Dual towers, triple fan equipped, the bigger the better. But what about for them that are building a high performance HTPC or eg a mini cube ? Do they have to rely solely on the included boxed coolers ? I had the privilege to build a Mine LAN PC inside a Lian Li V353 Cube shaped case. Most important factor was the build's size, not at the cost of performance. The choice of components was pretty high end : Asus Maximus IV Gene, Intel 2600K, 16Gb of Corsair ram, 120 Corsair GT SSD and a Nvidia GTX560 GPU. More than suitable for casual gaming purposes. After the build was completed, we noticed, during stability testing, that the CPU got pretty hot. And it was still running at out of the box speeds. Time to look for a beefier cooling solution Our eye fell onto Cooler Masters' latest low profile CPU cooler : The GeminII M4 CPU cooler.

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The Cooler

The M4 cooler is boxed in a typical Coolermaster looking box. Loyal to the layout and colour schemes. Sorry for the dodgy pictures, my camera is going down.




The super slim fan is only 15mm thick. Just for info a normal sized 120mm fan is 25mm thick. In total the GeminII M4 is just 59mm in height.




The U shaped heatpipes have a C shaped form to keep the total height low. Plus they are of the direct contact type, to minimise contact gaps with the CPU's heatspreader. This should allow better heat transfer.




The ultra slim fan is clipped onto the heatsink, the mount is not 100% secure, but the fan stays into position.


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