Vaja Libretto Limited Edition iPad 2 Case Review

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The Libretto Limited Edition iPad 2 Case from Vaja comes with Argentinian high quality leather in multiple colors, is hand made, supports the sleep function and can be sit in two different positions; however, the product does not fully cover all corners and comes at a high price of 190 Euros.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The Libretto Limited Edition Case is shipped inside a medium-sized cardboard box, with a perforated cover, through which we can see the rainbow colors inside:





By opening the packaging further, we can reveal the main product; the box also comes with a nice artwork inside, along with the Vaja saying “Make it yours. Make it Vaja”:





Two documents are supplied, one of them is a product catalog and the other one is the User Guide:




Inside the Guide, we are shown how we can sit the case for usage and we are also warned that there is a small gap on the right side when the product is closed for the first time; the manufacturer tells us that this is no reason of worrying because the lid will stretch in time and reach the edge, for achieving a perfect fit:





The product catalog shows the other items available for sale from Vaja:




The Libretto is built from high quality leather, soft to the touch and on the outside of the top cover there can be found the Vaja logo:





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