SoundGraph iMON SmartBay Review

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The iMON SmartBay product from SoundGraph is an iPad/iPhone dock with multiple functions; it incorporates an IR sensor and comes with a remote. With the product, we can charge or data sync our iOS device, listen to music even when the computer is off, power on the PC by using the small remote and linked to the other provided softwares like Remote+ Lite/Pro, Remote+ Server, HD Frame and iMON Manager, we can turn our computer into a fully featured Media Center.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

iMON Smartbay, the hardware component that completes the HTPC solution from SoundGraph is shipped inside a medium-sized cardboard box, with a photo of the product on the frontal side of the packaging, list of supported devices and main product features:




On one side of the box we can also find the list of supported OSes, iOS devices, applications and languages; the software provided for the item to function is iMON Manger, HD Frame and Remote+ Server, which we took a look upon when looking upon the FingerVU 706 and Remote+ Pro Application products:




The opposite side shows us how we could fit an iPhone or iPad on the dock:




Lastly, on the back of the box we can find some drawings of the main product and its additional accessories; here we also get a small description of the bundled software:




After opening the top cover, we are reminded again that one of the first steps of installation is to download the Remote+ Lite application, in order to link the phone or tablet with the Media Server:




The dock and accessories can be found in separate cardboard packaging; the documentation provided is in multiple languages:





The smaller white cardboard box contains the infrared remote, a small board for audio output and necessary cables:




First we can take a look on the included remote (iMON Mini), which contains the necessary buttons to be able to control the HD Frame application; in case the HD Frame is not be started remotely via the Remote+ Pro iOS application, it can be also started manually by pressing the large HD button:




On the back of the remote we can find the battery compartment that can be opened with ease:






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