SoundGraph iMON SmartBay Review

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The iMON SmartBay product from SoundGraph is an iPad/iPhone dock with multiple functions; it incorporates an IR sensor and comes with a remote. With the product, we can charge or data sync our iOS device, listen to music even when the computer is off, power on the PC by using the small remote and linked to the other provided softwares like Remote+ Lite/Pro, Remote+ Server, HD Frame and iMON Manager, we can turn our computer into a fully featured Media Center.

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Product Features, Specifications

Product Features:

PC accessory For iPhone / iPad

Luxury with high-glossy black color finish

iPhone / iPad and design blend with your desktop PC

Structure, clean design that can open and close easily

iPhone / iPad battery charging capability (does not matter if PC is on or off)

iPhone / iPad sound output (does not matter if PC is on or off)

iMON Mini Remote to control the iPhone / iPad's music selection and play controls

Remote + provides a dedicated app, the iPhone / iPad as a PC remote control PC integrated management of all media content available to the library


Product Specifications:

1. Model - iMON SmartBay

2. Type - Built-in desktop PC (5.25 Bay)

3. Features and Functions

iPhone / iPad sound output (PC speakers used - Power On / Off all)

iPhone / iPad's battery charger (Power On / Off all)

iMON Mini remote control the iPhone / iPad control the music selection and play

Using the remote+ app for iPhone / iPad to PC Remote Control

PC integrated management of all media content available to the library

Desktop PC turns into Smart Media Center

4. IPhone / iPad connector - 30Pin

5. Interface - USB 2.0 x 2 (iPhone / iPad connection, iMOn Smart Bay Connections, Internal USB connector)

6. Remote Control - iMON Mini Remote Control

7. Remote control signal - 38KHz Infrared(IR)

8. Maximum reception distance - 15m

9. Radio reception angle - Pan 45 degrees

10. Windows Application - Remote+ Server, HD Frame, iMON Manager

11. iOS App - Remote+ Lite (App Store Download)

12. Color - Black

13. Size - 148(W) x 41.8(H) x 64(D) mm


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