SPEEDLINK Secure Skin for PS3 Controller Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2012-01-10

The Secure Skin product from SPEEDLINK is meant to protect the PS3 controller from scratches, dust or other type of dirt that can accumulate during usage, improves its grip and adds a little bit of color. The Skin is easy to install or uninstall and it is available for just 9.99 Euros.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Secure Skin for PS3 controller from SPEEDLINK is shipped inside a transparent plastic packaging, through which we can see how the product looks like from the outside:




The main product features can be found written on the back, in multiple languages:




After getting rid of the external packaging, we can take a look a the product, before installing it on our PS3 controller; inside the skin there is also a transparent plastic mold, which gives us an idea how the product looks like as installed on the gamepad:





Before the installation, it is better to make sure that our controller is fully cleaned on the outside:




The silicone material of the Secure Skin can be stretched really easy; after the initial installation we have to check if it sits well on all corners:




The buttons on the right are surrounded on the exterior by silicone material, but not on the inside:




The same story we can tell about the d-pad buttons, located on the left of the PS3 controller:




The Select, Start and PS3 button areas are also fully covered by the Secure Skin:




When looking on the back, we can see that the frames along the L1, R1, L2, R2 buttons are properly covered and there is some space left for the USB connector port, sticker on the back and the four LEDs:






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