Synology DS212 2-bay NAS Server for Workgroups and Offices Review

Storage/NAS by stefan @ 2012-01-02

The DS212 NAS Server from Synology is a feature rich product with good performances, which integrates their own DSM (DiskStation Manager), really easy to use, with applications like Audio Station, Photo Station, Download Station and can be used as a mail server, to host websites and more. The enclosure is actively cooled and the HDDs can be easily removed from inside the product by pulling out the trays (however, the HDD installation is not screwless, the disks needing screws to be mounted onto the trays).

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The DS212 NAS from Synology is shipped inside a medium-sized light blue box, with a handle on the top:




On the front side we can find pictograms with some of the product main functions:




Next, the outside packaging also comes with explanations regarding the hardware, product features, languages and package contents:




The features can be again seen on the opposite lateral, in form of graphical icons:




A connectivity example can be also found on the external packaging:




After opening the top cover, we can find some warnings that advise us to read "Quick Installation Guide" found in electronic format on the CD, to avoid issues; also, we should take a look on the compatible HDDs that are listed on the Synology website (to make sure they work correctly with the product and if we need or not to update the HDD firmware):




The inside contents of the box is modularized so the NAS itself is located in a separate cardboard enclosure:




For additional protection, the main product is fully covered with foam material; the rest of the bundle is inside a clear cardboard box and the power lead is packed separately:




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