Exceleram E30200A 8GB DDR3-Series Memory Modules Review

Memory by stefan @ 2011-12-28

The E30200A DDR3 from Exceleram are some really affordable 8GB memory modules that we can use in case we are running lots of virtual machines, Ramdrives or other memory-consuming applications. These are not too overclockable, so the maximum stability we could obtain only at 11-11-11-30, 1600Mhz, by running with two out of four sticks.

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At first I would like to thank Exceleram for sending some samples of their recently launched E30200A DDR3 Series memory modules for testing and reviewing.


About Exceleram:

"Exceleram was established in October 2007 as a new brand in Germany. The Exceleram technical team has many years of experience to guarantee memory overclocking potential as well as high compatibility with all common/current motherboards.


In July 2008, our products start manufactured in Taiwan and it was taken over by another memory brand to offer lower price memory module of prime quality.


In October 2010, Exceleram was introduced to the German market and got quite successful in the market.


In September 2011, the Exceleram's headquarters was moved for the best strategic position from Germany to Taipei, Taiwan. As here is the largest and most important manufacturing plant of memory chips and modules in the world. To stay in Taiwan can provide the best and the real-time service for our valued customers.


The slogan “Spirit of Germany” to express the German quality control realized for 100%. All Exceleram memory modules are carefully hand-tested 100% on motherboards and to consistently guarantee customers these high quality standards.


Now we grasp at the conscientious quality and competitive price to service our customers in the world.


There is no any customer will feel abandoned at Exceleram, arising problems or questions will be answered immediately by our support."

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