Alpenföhn K2 CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2011-12-18

After reviewing the great performing Alpenföhn Peter VGA cooler I was heavily enthusiastic when they offered me to review their brand high end air cooler : the K2. For those that wonder where the name K2 comes from : the Mount K2 is the 2nd highest mountain in the world, right at the border of Pakistan and China. While the Mount Everest is still the highest one, mountain climbers categorize the K2 as the most difficult to conquer. This particular mountain is also known as Killer Mountain or Mount Doom. Think you get the idea, as not many reach the top. Back to the CPU cooler, before you are getting the idea you are browsing some Wikipedia-alike site. The Alpenföhn K2 is a dual tower design boosting 8 big diameter heatpipes, not sounding quite innovative as competitive products from Noctua and Thermalright have similar coolers in their lineup. But maybe the sleek design lines and the thermal performance can satisfy your cooling requirements. Let's open up the package...

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Test Setup

For our test bed we opted to just include our hottest CPU : the i7 970 ES Gulftown from Intel

  • Asus Rampage 3 Extreme
  • 6Gb Corsair Dominator ram PC12800C8 (with two removed top heatspreaders )
  • MSI GTX480 Lightning card

We overclock the i7 970 CPU to 4.2Ghz via 200 Bclock and a 21 CPU Multiplier. The Vcore used is 1.42Vcore with 100% Loadline selected.

The CPU was allowed to Idle for 30 minutes in windows, temp monitoring performed by Real Temp program. The average off all cores is being calculated and used in the graph. For the loading test we allowed the Prime95 program to run an hour at custom set of 12 - 12K.





Other coolers used in this review ->


Liquid All in One cooling solutions :


Coolit :

  • Vantage and Eco model


Corsair :

  • Hydro 50
  • Hydro 60
  • Hydro 70
  • Hydro 80
  • Hydro 100

Air Cooler :



  • K2 with boxed WingBoost fans


  • VenomousX with Push and Pull setup  : 1100 and 2000rpm fans


Too show you how tight the ram fit is we installed the low profile GSkill Sniper kit, only a few mms to spare...





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