Alpenföhn K2 CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2011-12-18

After reviewing the great performing Alpenföhn Peter VGA cooler I was heavily enthusiastic when they offered me to review their brand high end air cooler : the K2. For those that wonder where the name K2 comes from : the Mount K2 is the 2nd highest mountain in the world, right at the border of Pakistan and China. While the Mount Everest is still the highest one, mountain climbers categorize the K2 as the most difficult to conquer. This particular mountain is also known as Killer Mountain or Mount Doom. Think you get the idea, as not many reach the top. Back to the CPU cooler, before you are getting the idea you are browsing some Wikipedia-alike site. The Alpenföhn K2 is a dual tower design boosting 8 big diameter heatpipes, not sounding quite innovative as competitive products from Noctua and Thermalright have similar coolers in their lineup. But maybe the sleek design lines and the thermal performance can satisfy your cooling requirements. Let's open up the package...

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Alpenföhn is steadily working on establishing as a reknown cooling company. Their Peter VGA cooler we tested before was a high end solution. The K2 two tower CPU cooler aka Mount Doom, seems to target the same enthousiast users.




Very solid and neat packaging. All the specifications are clearly listed on the side. This cooler is compatible with all Intel sockets S775/1156/1155 and even S2011 after requesting the free mount upgrade. All AMD options are covered too AM2/AM2+ /AM3/AM3+ and FM1 socket:






You can clearly see now, why we always refer to it as a twin tower design. A total of 3 fans can be mounted, though there are onyl two included in the box. A 120 and 140mm fan of the WingBoost type.




The trapezoidal design of the fins is baptized as MnTal ( Emmental surely rings a bell here) : Minimised noise Transfer at Low Airflow technology. It should allow for a more optimised airflow over the soldered fins, to enhance the cooling performance. Sounds real good to me. Does it work, that's another thing.

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