Prolimatech Fans Presentation

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by stefan @ 2011-12-13

Prolimatech has now an interesting set of fans on the market, three which are 120mm and four 140mm. Some of the models carry red LEDs and others have blue LEDs and the manufacturer has also made available an aluminum model, optimized for high airflow and pre-equipped with a fan guard for safety. In this article we will learn about their appearance, the bundle they come with, the minimum startup voltages, the noise they produce and how many RPM they have at certain voltages.

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Blue Vortex 12 LED

The Blue Vortex LED 120mm fan from Prolimatech is shipped inside a cardboard box with a small plastic window so we can see how the fan blades do look before purchasing; also here we get to see the rated rotation speed:




On the other side of the box, we can see the full list of technical specifications:





Inside the packaging, besides the fan, we can also find a 3-pin to MOLEX adapter, a speed modifier and 4 screws for using the product as a case fan:




The fan has 9 light blue semi-transparent blades comes with the company logo in the middle:




By looking on the back, we can learn of its power rating, the bearing type (sleeve) and the rated speed:




In each corner, we can find one LED, which lights up the entire fan for a nice effect:




The cable is completely sleeved for enhanced durability and for avoiding a messy setup inside the case:




Here is how the fan does look when it is powered on, at full speed:



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