Intel Sandy Bridge E 3930K CPU Review

CPU by leeghoofd @ 2011-12-13

On the 14th of November Intel has shown it's brand new high end platform baptized Sandy Bridge E to the world. Almost all of the press sample kits included only the Extreme version aka the 3960X CPU. Some lucky hardware sites got a 3930K version, with unlocked multiplier, from a 3rd party to test or review. Since this K skew CPU is retailing at only half the price it could become quite a steal. This if it performs alike it's bigger brother. Major difference between the Extreme and the K version is the reduced L3 cache from 15Mb down to 12Mb. Yet, as mentioned before, the multiplier remains fully unlocked, similar to the K skews of the little 2500K and 2600K socket 1155 models, the latter two being heavily popular, as speeds over 4.5Ghz are a breeze. Before continuing with the review : a big thanks to the guys from Tones webshop to supply us with a brand new retail 3930K CPU. Now let's get it on !

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Test Setup

Test Setup :


Intel DX79SI "Siler" Mainboard

Intel RTS2011LC cooler

Corsair 4 x 2GB ram PC12800 C8-8-8-24 1T

GTX480 700/1848Mhz Nvidia 285.38 Beta driver

Western Digital 1Tb Caviar Green HDD

Corsair AX1200 PSU

Windows 7 SP1 Fully patched







We also retested the 3960X CPU for this review, as we received a new bios for the Intel Siler board, having a better performance than the previous one. Yet the board still lacks some fine tuning. And is definately outperformed by other vendors boards. But you will discover that in upcoming mobo reviews.


Let's turn the page to take a look at the stock results. First the basic comparison with older technology. Then we insert newer benchmarks versus a more modern processor lineup.



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