Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-11-22

The Cooler Master gamers department aka Storm send us one of it's latest creations : The Trooper case. We were impressed with the Enforcer case, being manufactured in typical Cooler Master style. Excellent craftsmanship, no rough edges at all. Packed with innovative design features like the removable Hard Drive cage. Excellent cooling out of the box and loads of room to upgrade. An ideal gamers case, as even with all the features it retailed at a price that was still very affordable. The Trooper case continues on the same pace. This time being a full tower design, it might have some extra cards down it's sleeve. Could it make your PC stand out from the crowd at your favorite LAN party ? Let's open up the box and see what the engineers of the Storm team came up with...

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Cooling and more goodies

You already spotted the two front 120mm fans and the rear 140mm fan. To suck out the hot air trapped at the top of the case, a big 200mm top 1000rpm fan is installed and fully up to it's task.




In the front there's another removable cover, giving access to the tool box. The later guarding all the screws and the supports for a floppy drive. Even an 8 pin molex extention cable is included, should your PSU's cable come a few inches short.




A glimpse inside the Trooper, we can see the 2.5" HDD case for SSDs and it has been a while since we saw floppy or cardreader support. Well done Storm team !




Finally there's the X-dock station, sadly its only being 2.5" drive compatible...





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