Cooler Master Storm Trooper Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-11-22

The Cooler Master gamers department aka Storm send us one of it's latest creations : The Trooper case. We were impressed with the Enforcer case, being manufactured in typical Cooler Master style. Excellent craftsmanship, no rough edges at all. Packed with innovative design features like the removable Hard Drive cage. Excellent cooling out of the box and loads of room to upgrade. An ideal gamers case, as even with all the features it retailed at a price that was still very affordable. The Trooper case continues on the same pace. This time being a full tower design, it might have some extra cards down it's sleeve. Could it make your PC stand out from the crowd at your favorite LAN party ? Let's open up the box and see what the engineers of the Storm team came up with...

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90° Rotatable HDD Cage

Well instead of just using a similar design as the Enforcer case, the Storm team opted for a fully rotatable HDD cage and support system. This way you can influence the airflow by rotating both 1200rpm 120mm fans and install the HDDs in the way you want.

Let's start off with the stock out of the box setup :




Looking from the front we have two big screws that prevent the HDD cages to slide out. The two fans are sucking air in from the side. Since I'm a cooling purist I want to re-orientate the fans to suck in air from the front to maximise airflow in the case. No problemo. Just unscrew the lot and you end up with these parts :




The bottom HDD bay and cage removed. The two support panels can be mounted now at a 90°C offset:




It doesn't take a rocket scientist to get the job done. Everything is neatly labelled, eg how the panels should be mounted. That little extra : Rubber grommets on the panels to reduce damping.




After a few minutes you end up with this setup. A to the front orientated fan. Really child's play !




You can view loads of videos on the Trooper chassis at the Storm website

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