SwitchEasy CANVAS iPad 2 Case Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-11-25

The CANVAS iPad 2 Case from SwitchEasy combines nice looks with protection by using an inner shell made from strong polycarbonate plastic to hold the tablet securely and the outside is made from a soft, matte and water resistant surface with super rich microfiber lining. The top cover is magnetic, supports the On/Off function and can be secured with a clasp. The Audio/Data-Charge connectors can be protected with the supplied covers and the tablet can be positioned at different angles, by using the grooves on the interior of the front cover.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The CANVAS iPad 2 case from SwitchEasy is shipped inside a transparent plastic box, with about the same size of the product itself; through the front we can see how the product material looks like, but there is also some info which shows some of the product features:






On the back side we can find some drawings which instruct us on how to open the case and how to use it as a stand:




After the removal of the outside packaging, we can find the CANVAS sitting inside a plastic frame:




Looking at the case from one side, we can discover the clasp, which keeps the front cover of the case firmly closed:




The SwitchEasy logo is also present here on a small rubber piece:




Like the front cover, the back side of the case is made from a reinforced canvas material, which is pleasant to the touch; underside it we can find the hard plastic shell, in the same color as the canvas itself:




Even before the initial installation, we can see that the cover is already filled with a dummy iPad 2 cardboard shell, for us to see how the openings would look like with the tablet installed:





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