ARCTIC K481 Wireless Keyboard with Multi-Touch Pad Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by stefan @ 2011-11-16

Added as an extra accessory for the MC001, the K481 Wireless Keyboard from ARCTIC can be used successfully without the need of a mouse thanks to its Multi-Touch Pad which is quite responsive; the keyboard was designed mainly for Media Center uses, and not for other activities like gaming or writing documents. The keyboard does not have the possibility to recharge batteries and comes with a set of regular 1.5V AAA.

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Features, Specifications

Product Features:

Wireless Operation

Using the USB signal receiver that is included, the K481 connects to it wirelessly within a distance of up to 10 meters. Featuring four hot keys for multi-media playback, it is perfect for home entertainment and a good complement for MC001.

Multi-Touch Pad

The K481 is a full-featured keyboard which incorporates a multi-touch pad to take the user experience further. You can navigate the cursor, click left and right, drag and scroll effortless with a swipe on the pad.

Power Saving

Operated by two AAA batteries, the K481 enters automatic power saving mode after being idle for 10 minutes.


Product Specifications:


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