G.Skill Ripjaws Z 2133CL9Q-16GBZH Memory Kit Review

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2012-02-02

G.Skill is one of the more prominent market leaders in the RAM department. Offering a zillion of different ram combinations in all sorts of quantities, timings, speeds and even you can pick between different heatspreader colors. With the launch of the SandyBridge-E platform, we received one of the higher end 16Gb quad channel kits, running at 2133Mhz. Timings are the following : CL9-11-10-28. Maybe you are not impressed, but remember this is a quad channel comprising of 4Gb dimms. And best of all the price isn't lethal at all. The X79 ram line is baptized RipjawsZ. The X lineup for the older Sandy Bridges has been renown for being potent overclockers. But most reviewed kits were only 2GB DIMM versions. So being a lot easier to push. Let's have a look if we can get some more juice out of these dimms.

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The Kit

With each new ram line, GSkill automatically coincides it's launch with a different heatspreader look. The look has been refined, if we may consider this as an evolution from the X series. A solid blister packaging protects your precious dimms from any outside world abuse.





The new heatpsreader is a low profile version. With X79 and if running quad channel, it's required to plug in dimms on the left and right hand side of the CPU socket. Most big CPU air coolers are having clearance issues with older, read bigger sized dimm heatspreaders. A good strategy from the GSkill design team. As other vendors still are using the bigger heatspreader versions, wich would lead to a lot of installation woes.



We popped the heatspreader and see decent contact between the ICs and the conductive tape. Since we are not allowed to show closeups of the ICs from our contact person, we will strictly adhere to her wishes. Let's stick to the fact that most X79 Quad channel kits are Hynix IC based.




As mentioned in the introduction, GSkill is reknown for varied lineups. Sometimes confusing a lot of buyers, but at least they got a ram kit for everyone. You name it, they got it !


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