Crucial 256GB m4 2.5" SSD with Data Transfer Kit Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2011-11-08

The Crucial 256GB m4 SSD comes now with an improved firmware and we now get read speeds up to 500MB/s sequential. Compared to the SandForce offerings, the m4 comes with a good price/performance ratio, so we could afford getting higher capacity SSDs. The tested model also comes with a Data Transfer Kit composed of hardware (USB to SATA adapter) and software (EZ GIG IV Cloning Software).

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Crucial M4 SSD is shipped inside a small cardboard box, which shows us on the frontal side the capacity of the product, but we are also informed that this model contains Disk Cloning software, along with an USB to SATA cable:




Some of the product features can be found on the back of the box, in multiple languages:




The box is fully sealed with a transparent plastic sticker; on it, we can also find the product serial number, along with its code name:




Besides the SSD, which is held inside a plastic frame, we can also find the disk with software and the USB to SATA adapter, which helps in case we want to copy some data to the SSD without the need to open up the computer case, or if we want to clone our current HDD/SSD to the Crucial one:




Documentation can be also found here; one of the papers is the Installation manual and the other show us how to connect the USB adapter and how to use the included software:






Both software and adapter are branded Apricorn; on one side of the cable we can find the Data and Power connectors:





The other side has the USB connector, which is only USB 2.0:




On the back of the adapter, we can find the inscription “SATA WIRE, 2.5''”:



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