Crucial 256GB m4 2.5" SSD with Data Transfer Kit Review

Storage/SSD by stefan @ 2011-11-08

The Crucial 256GB m4 SSD comes now with an improved firmware and we now get read speeds up to 500MB/s sequential. Compared to the SandForce offerings, the m4 comes with a good price/performance ratio, so we could afford getting higher capacity SSDs. The tested model also comes with a Data Transfer Kit composed of hardware (USB to SATA adapter) and software (EZ GIG IV Cloning Software).

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Features, Specifications

Product Features:

Product details

Most advanced NAND process technology in the semiconductor industry

Limited three-year warranty

Speed demon

Hungry for more? The Crucial m4 SSD builds on the success of our award-winning, wildly popular Crucial RealSSD C300 solid-state drive by offering mobile and desktop users scorching-fast read and write speeds, groundbreaking SATA SSD computing, and unparalleled performance for the dollar.

Latest and greatest

Designed for client computing, the Crucial m4 SSD delivers faster boot and application load times for mobile and desktop users alike. Low power, lightweight, and durable, it empowers high-speed synchronous MLC NAND, advanced controller technology, optimized NAND management, and the second-generation SATA 6Gb/s interface. Together, that technology dramatically improves data transfers for bandwidth-demanding applications.

Clear advantage

SSDs provide many benefits over traditional hard drives.

Reduced power consumption

Less heat generation


Increased portability, lightweight

No moving parts

Rugged and reliable operation in even the most demanding operating environments

Memory Experts

Delivering on the highest quality based upon Micron's leading-edge NAND media, the Crucial brand of memory has long been synonymous with reliability and high-performance. Our expertise in NAND process technology enables us to optimize the performance and durability of Crucial solid-state drives.

Guaranteed Compatible

Crucial m4 series employ a standard hard drive interface and dimensions, so it is an easy storage upgrade for most notebooks. We guarantee compatibility.

Transfer everything in a few easy steps

The Data Transfer Kit makes it simple to copy everything on your hard drive, including operating system, data, email settings and applications, to your Crucial m4. The kit includes the EZ Gig III Cloning and Imaging Software for Windows®, ShirtPocket's SuperDuper! for Mac®, a USB to SATA cable and a Quick Start Guide. Upgrade your notebook drive in just three simple steps.


Product Specifications:


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