MSI GT683 R Gaming Laptop Review

Mobile/Laptops & Netbooks by leeghoofd @ 2011-11-03

After testing MSI's GT780 gaming notebook I must admit I was pretty impressed by it's allround and gaming performance. Of course, a high end gaming notebook also carries a pretty beefy price tag. big screen , decent powerful GPU and CPU, 8Gb of ram, dual harddrives. Well the price tag for the included components was fair, but what happens if you want a gaming notebook and don't have 1500 euros to cash out? Todays reviewed MSI GT683R laptop might have you covered for a fraction of the price. The specifications of the GT683 don't seem that impressive at first glance, but maybe it can still pack some serious punch. Let's open the box and see what's inside.

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Test Suite


The power adapter is out of proportions. Now where have we found a similar big block before :p In comparison with my Acers little power adapter, this thing is freaking huge.




The battery is the same BTY-M6D version as we found on the high end gaming notebook, rated at 11.1Volts and 7800mAh.


Test Suite results :


Time for some tests. Superpi as it's so single threaded and a good indication of raw CPU speed. Wprime will load all cores to the max and be a serious test for any CPU out there.



In SuperPi 1M both the gaming laptops are equally matched, both CPUs clock up to similar speeds and share similar vital mainboard components. The Acer laptop with a similar specced CPU is far slower. Wprime 32 is neck to neck between the Acer and the GT683. The GT780 with the 2630QM CPU leaves our little 2410Ms biting in the dust. But these are very short duration tests. Let's see if the onboard components and cooling play a part in the longer tests.



Well I reran the SuperPI 32M a few times to verify the outcome and it seemed to be pretty correct. Nibbling 6 secs off the 2630QM. The more and faster ram of the MSI gaming notebook makes it 18 secs faster than the Acer. Wprime 1024 shares very close results for both 2410M CPUs. Note that the tests were run with the Turbo fan function set to disabled. With it enabled the MSI GT683 gained a few seconds as less or no throttling occurred when running Wprime 1024.



Cinebench Release 10 64 bit either leaves you the choice to test a single core or multi core environment. Single core results are pretty evenly matched, multi core action is mor ein favour for the GT683. As with Wprime the extra cores of the 2630QM deliver the goods.



Encoding a small video file into a X264HD format is as fast on both the Acer and MSI GT683 laptop. The 2310M CPU of the CX640 has to throw in the towel again ( logic as it's a dual core, with no hyperthreading )

PCMark05 however gives away the faster Hard Drive and the discrete GTX560M GPU. The Acer laptop has to rely on the Intel 3000HD on die GPU.



Below are the details of the numerous subtests. Like mentioned before, the fast Western digital Hard Drive and the GTX560M give this setup a nice boost over let's call it more mainstream targeted laptop.




Gaming action up next ...









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