MSI GT683 R Gaming Laptop Review

Mobile/Laptops & Netbooks by leeghoofd @ 2011-11-03

After testing MSI's GT780 gaming notebook I must admit I was pretty impressed by it's allround and gaming performance. Of course, a high end gaming notebook also carries a pretty beefy price tag. big screen , decent powerful GPU and CPU, 8Gb of ram, dual harddrives. Well the price tag for the included components was fair, but what happens if you want a gaming notebook and don't have 1500 euros to cash out? Todays reviewed MSI GT683R laptop might have you covered for a fraction of the price. The specifications of the GT683 don't seem that impressive at first glance, but maybe it can still pack some serious punch. Let's open the box and see what's inside.

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More exploration

Let's have a brief look at the connections on this laptop. Two USB3.0 and two USB2.0 ports, 4 audio jacks, a card reader for SD(XC)/MMC/MS/XD cards. At the back HDMI, DVGA and E-SATA port are awaiting your external peripherals.




As the cooling is optimised for maximum performance, it's no wonder that a lot of ventilation holes are foreseen for maximum heat dissipation.





The GT683 shares the same quick function keys with it's bigger brother. The P1 which you can program yourself. The Turbo function is self explenatory providing that little extra boost while gaming. The increased fan option button for optimal cooling. The rest are for enabling/disabling the wireless, to set different performance modes ( movie, entertainment,...  )




The touchpad, while not so slick looking as the GT780 version was better responsive, sadly lacking the enabling/disabling button. The loudspeaker system is still from the highly acclaimed Dynaudio firm, providing you with clear and crisp sound. Again we find a little subwoofer on the bottom of the laptop for that extra sound dimension.




Too bad the GT683 lacks the Steelseries keyboard, but while gaming on this laptop we did not discover any flaws/delays when pushing multiple keys.




No crazy light show like with with the GT780 keyboard illumination. In fact no keyboard illumination at all, but the laptops housing however is...




I'm no a fan of either as it just eats battery/power resources and it's just to impress your friends. Some might actually find it a reason to buy it...


Time to show what this little laptop is made off, by running it through the same testsuite as the GT780...



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