SoundGraph Remote+ Pro Application Presentation/Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-10-17

SoundGraph have recently released an App for the iOS devices which works hand in hand with their HD Frame application and transforms our iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad into a fully functional remote, through which we can launch videos, listen to music, watch photos, get the latest news or watch Youtube videos of our choice. Of course, with the same application we can control most of the Windows applications by using the Virtual Keyboard and Virtual Touchpad.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The Remote+ Pro application for iOS devices works hand in hand with the Remote+ Server and HD Frame from Soundgraph, installed on our HTPC Media Center, for providing an interesting experience, without the need to use other input devices.


For "deciding before buying" the full application, SoundGraph has made available a limited functionality "Lite" version, free to download from the Apple App Store.


There are some small issues that can be ironed out in the next application revisions (SoundGraph releases application updates pretty often), like the fact that not all video clips thumbnails appeared when I have searched for them on the local HDD (even if they have played just fine), or the impossibility to click on the window of a previously launched application in the background, after closing HD Frame.

SoundGraph will also make available a hardware product that will go hand in hand with the Remote+ Pro, which will be named iMON SmartBay, which is a 5.25'' iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad Dock With IR Remote Control.

The Remote+ Pro application from SoundGraph is available to be bought on App Store for about 7.99 Euros.


I would like to thank again to SoundGraph for making this review possible!


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