ARCTIC MC001-E Entertainment Center Barebone Review

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Inside a solid case with efficient cooling, Arctic has found room for an Intel Atom D525 CPU, along with a Radeon HD 5430 GPU, which are good for performing daily tasks like browsing the Internet, checking the mail, editing documents or playing small old games. The MC001 is capable of playing full HD videos and can perform all activities while keeping the power consumption to a minimum.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

For a long time we knew Arctic as developers of cooling products; since some time they began expanding their product lineup and now we can see the new MC001 Entertainment Center PC from Arctic present on their website, which comes in different flavors:


-MC001-N, which is a barebone without optical drive

-MC001-E, a barebone with the DVD-RW 24x preinstalled

-MC001-DVD, a full system with 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and DVD-RW 24x

-MC001-DVDS, a full system with 4GB RAM, 120GB SSD and DVD-RW 24x

-MC001-BD, a full system with 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and Blu-ray Player 4x


The model we are going to review is the MC001-E; on the frontal side of the box we can see a photo of the product, along with the clear statement that inside we will find a barebone:




Also here we can find the Intel, AMD Radeon Graphics logos, also some icons of the supported standards and the logo of the included 4-in-1 card reader:




On one of the laterals, we can see listed the package contents, along with a product description, in different languages:




The main product features are explained on the back of the box:




The other box lateral comes with a photo from the back of the product, and the list of specifications:




After opening up the box, we can see a nice welcome message:




Inside we can find a cardboard enclosure where the computer is stored, along with another white cardboard box, which holds the accessories and documentation:




Here is what we can expect to find inside the cardboard box:


-WiFi antenna

-HDMI cable

-a Quick Installation Guide and a Barebone Guide

-a DVD with necessary drivers

-the power adapter and respective power lead

-the mounting system for the HDD/SSD




Inside the Installation Guide, we can find drawings with multiple steps we must follow for performing the installation:




The power brick that is supplied with the product is made by powCOOL and it is rated on the output 19VDC, 3.16A, 60W:




After opening up the enclosure where the MC001 is held, we can find inside a small document that lets us know how and where NOT TO place the mini computer:



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