Xigmatek Elysium Full Tower Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-10-30

Full tower cases are usually needed by end users that needs tons of storage capacity. Or by watercooling fanatics that need adequate space to house all of their huge radiators. Sometimes you don't have any option besides to go for a full tower case, as your motherboard's size is out of proportions. A few of those particular motherboards might be Intel's Skulltrail, eVGAs SR2/3 motherboards or even Gigabyte's X58 UD9. Due to their XXXL ATX size, only full towers need to apply for the job.

Todays Elysium is Xigmateks high end full tower chassis, ready to take on any big size motherboard you throw at it. Fully ready to be fitted with your favourite watercooling gear. Looking at the specifications, most options are well covered. Loads of storage space and ventilation are straight warranted out of the box. Time to open that freaking huge box and have a look at this full tower offering.

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This time we deviate from the normal test setup. As I wanted to test how this case operates with multiple GPUs. Especially the effect of the sidefan was one of the main target in my test. Does it cool the GPUs/motherboard better ? How are the temps influenced with it on or off. Think you get my drift.


Hardware that was installed :


ASUS Rampage 3 Extreme

Intel 990X at 4.5Ghz 1.37Vcore

Corsair H100 Cooler with dual fan setup

Gskill 12GB Sniper 12800C7 rams


Corsair 850TX PSU




With such a huge amount of space, numerous cutouts it doesn't take a wizzard to obtain a pretty clean build. At the other side of the mobo tray, completely out of sight, it looks a bit messy.




A big cutout foreseen for the 8 pin mobo connector. On the top you can spot the routing of the USB3.0 cables. A hole direct on the left hand side of the rear panel would have been appreciated.




Corsairs H100 Hydro cooler, feels completely at home in the Elysium. Also absolutely no clearance issues to add 2 more fans as you have room to spare. Routing USB, Firewire and front panel audio cables is no issue as they are more than long enough.


Here are a few shots of Asus GTX580 Matrix cards setup for SLI mode. SLI bridge is not installed in the pictures.



Sidefan results :



As you can see the extra airflow generated by the 200mm sidefan influences the idle and load temperatures minimally of the used hardware. Only the two GPUs in SLI gain 2 degrees under idle and one degree at full load. Take note that the AUTO GPU fan speed was at 60% with the sidefan on vs 68% with the sidefan off. Giving us a clear indication the slow spinning 200mm fan is effective, though a higher controllable rpm version would be even better.



Noise wise this case is as silent as can be. The noise generated by the CPU and GPU fans are audible, the case fans are not.



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