Xigmatek Elysium Full Tower Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-10-30

Full tower cases are usually needed by end users that needs tons of storage capacity. Or by watercooling fanatics that need adequate space to house all of their huge radiators. Sometimes you don't have any option besides to go for a full tower case, as your motherboard's size is out of proportions. A few of those particular motherboards might be Intel's Skulltrail, eVGAs SR2/3 motherboards or even Gigabyte's X58 UD9. Due to their XXXL ATX size, only full towers need to apply for the job.

Todays Elysium is Xigmateks high end full tower chassis, ready to take on any big size motherboard you throw at it. Fully ready to be fitted with your favourite watercooling gear. Looking at the specifications, most options are well covered. Loads of storage space and ventilation are straight warranted out of the box. Time to open that freaking huge box and have a look at this full tower offering.

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HDD bays and more

We already mentioned the two HDD bays. Up to four 3.5" HDDs can be installed per cage. The units are removable via unscrewing 4 thumbscrews and unplugging the power/S-ATA cables.. Then it's just a matter of sliding them out.




A 120mm white LED fan is responsible to keep the HDD operating temperatures low . Your data is in safe hands ! The HDDs are screwed into position, vibrations are tackled by rubber grommets. The guiding of the fan wire is another one them little classy details .




The top of the case has got a slideable protective cover.  E-SATA, two USB2.0, two USB3.0 and the usual microphone and headset jack. The Reset button is also positioned under the cover. Above you have a small glance at the hot swap HDD docking station




The top fans are protected by a dust cover. As you can see on the right hand side picture being more than effective. To remove it you just slide the lever to the right and then pull away the top cover.






Close up on one of the previously mentioned fan power units. Just plug in one molex of the PSU and you can power up to 4 fans. Too bad there's isn't a small speed control knob, that would have topped it off. The case rests on 6 rubber feet. If you look closely you can spot the dust collected on the bottom filter. Right where the PSU fan sucks air in from the bottom.



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