Foxconn A75M FM1 Motherboard Review

Motherboards/AMD FM1 by stefan @ 2011-10-26

For users which are not pretentious, the A75M FM1 motherboard from Foxconn represents a solution to consider, in case we want to get the benefits of the Lynx platform, like the powerful IGP or the quad core APUs. For making this board even more attractive, the Dual Graphics feature should be enabled, along with the ability to be able to modify the memory speed and its timings.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The A75M mATX board from Foxconn is packed inside a medium-sized box, with the logos of the supported technologies on top:





On one of the box sides, we can find a small sticker which contains product serial numbers:




The main product highlights can be found written on the bottom of the box, in multiple languages:




Inside, we can find the board fully wrapped inside an anti-static bag; its bundle is located right under it:




The received sample comes with two SATA cables, the I/O shield and a small paper titled “For China Market Only”; the retail product should also contain a manual and the CD with drivers and utilities:




A75M comes with a blue PCB and the connectors/slots have different colors to differentiate between the types; as expansion slots, we can find one PCI-Express x16, one PCI-Express x1 and two PCI. Thanks to the included PCI slots, we can install our older TV tuner and/or sound card, so we will have a fully featured media center. The motherboard does contain solid capacitors only in the VRM areas, the rest being filled with electrolytic ones:




Here is a closer look on the CPU VRM; we can see that the area is not covered at all by a heatsink so it might not be a very good idea to perform CPU overclocking on this motherboard:




Near the PCI-Express x16 slot, we can find a SYS_FAN1 header:




The Realtek RTL8112B Gigabit Ethernet Controller can be found on the left side of the PCB:



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