ModMyMachine SlamePad Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-09-29

The new SlamePad mouse pad from ModMyMachine is made from high quality materials, durable, and is designed for speed, by featuring a smooth top surface, which can be found in one of the 10 available colors.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The speed-optimized SlamePad worked with most mice I have tested, and no cursor jumps were experienced during testing. The top surface is durable and you might expect for it to last a long time without worrying that it might get scratches. Depending on the bottom surface of the mouse, we might experience different noise levels; we cannot expect the mouse to be as silent as when using a cloth pad.


Because of the aluminum build, depending on the room temperature, the top surface may feel a little cold at first and some condensation can occur, but this apparent issue dissapears after some minutes of usage. This type of behaviour can be found on most aluminum pads on the market and is not isolated on the SlamePad.


After using the SlamePad with the ROCCAT Kone[+], Razer Salmosa and the Swiftpoint Mouse, the mice seem to move smoother than when using with some of the previously reviewed SteelSeries or TTeSports cloth pads. In addition to the smoothness, the SlamePad is also easier to maintain compared to the cloth surfaces, which tend to get dirty after a while.


Besides black, ModMyMachine gives us the possibility to choose between 9 more colors (gold, silver, bronze, champagne, deep red, orange, dark blue, turquoise, or purple):




Since the pad is made from aluminum, it cannot be folded as a cloth based one, to be carried at a Lanparty; however, because the product does not take a lot of space, we should easy find a place for it inside the rucksack. To avoid dust accumulation and scratches during transport, it would have been nice the manufacturer to include a carry pouch for it, but this, of course, would have increased the final price.


The SlamePad does not come cheap; it can be found at CaseKing for about 39.90 Euros but considering that this is a long time investment and is built from high quality materials, it is not something that we should pass up easily.


ModMyMachine SlamePad Recommended For:


I would like to thank again to and ModMyMachine for making this review possible!


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