ModMyMachine SlamePad Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-09-29

The new SlamePad mouse pad from ModMyMachine is made from high quality materials, durable, and is designed for speed, by featuring a smooth top surface, which can be found in one of the 10 available colors.

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A Closer Look

The SlamePad from ModMyMachine is surely an interesting product and comes in aid of people that want a solid, but smooth surface to use the mouse on. The pad is shipped inside a cardboard envelope, with the name of the product and the chosen color name on the frontal side:




The envelope is mainly designed for single usage, so for unsealing it we have to remove some of the cardboard parts:




The pad is made from a specially coated anodized aluminum, its size is 315 x 235 mm with a thickness of 4 mm; the top surface can come in multiple colors and it was mainly speed optimized:




On the lower right corner of the pad we can find the ModMyMachine logo, debossed. By using this design, the manufacturer made sure that the logo does not wear off after months, even years of intense use:




The fine build quality of the product can be also observed when looking at the milled rounded edges; the pad was shaped like this to avoid cuts to the hand (some aluminum pads do also have rubber on the edges for the same reason):




For avoiding pad movement on the table, the bottom was designed with a special anti-slip rubber texture:




Here is a closer look on the bottom texture:



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