ADATA NH13 USB 3.0 2.5” Portable Hard Drive Review

Storage/HDD by stefan @ 2011-09-27

The NH13 USB 3.0 2.5'' Portable HDD from ADATA comes with an elegant brushed aluminium and plastic enclosure and features very good read/write speeds. The product could be used either for backups or for transferring large files from one computer to another. For added value, ADATA is also offering two software programs free of charge, for download on their website.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The Nobility NH13 USB 3.0 Portable HDD comes packed inside a small cardboard box, with a plastic window on the frontal side, to reveal the looks of the product; also here we get information regarding the total capacity:




When looking on one of the sides, we can see some of the product features, along with the “Compatible with Windows 7” logo; a 60 days trial of Norton Internet Security is also offered:





The back of the box reveals the product specifications, written in multiple languages:




To protect against unauthorized intrusions, the box comes sealed:




Along with the main product, we can also find inside the box an USB 3.0 cable and additional information:




The small manual lets us know how to connect different types of cables to the enclosure (USB 2.0, USB 2.0 Y-Cable or USB 3.0); some of the available software that can be downloaded is also presented here:




Like the previous enclosure we have tested, this one also has a professional and clean look, by combining brushed aluminium with a plastic frame:




On the front side we can find the ADATA logo along with the product name:




In the back, we can locate the USB 3.0 port:




Inside this black frame we can also find the activity blue LED, which blinks when data is transferred to the drive or from the drive:




Here are some views from the other laterals:





The bottom of the enclosure is made from black plastic, with a small sticker which holds the product serial number and total capacity:





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