Apacer Handy Steno AH130 USB 2.0 Flash Drive Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2011-08-26

The Handy Steno AH130 is a stylish USB 2.0 Flash Drive from Apacer, comes in three different color flavours and can be clipped easy on our pocket or badge holder.

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Product Features

Aluminum Alloy Toned in Three Colors

AH130 is enclosed in high-quality aluminum alloy toned in three impressive colors of fiery orange, magic red and ocean blue. The multi-colored personalized appearance gives AH130 a trendy, urban look.

Built-in Clip Design

To deliver a more easy-to-use flash drive solution, Apacer design team thinks outside the box to develop an all-in-one built-in clipof the less-than-5mm ultra-thin AH130 aluminum alloy enclosure. The clip has a similar function of a paperclip allowing easy clipping onto your pocket, notebook, badge holder and inside bag, saving users the trouble of having to fumble for their flash drives all the time!

Swivel Design for One-Hand Operation

In terms of function and style, Apacer is dedicated to providing a more ergonomic experience with flash drives. AH130 perfectly combines with a rotating swivel that enables users to quickly swivel out the USB connector with one finger. Available for one-hand operation, AH130 offers rapid data transmission complete with a compact and sleek design!

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