Alpenföhn Peter VGA Cooler

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2011-09-06

Modern high end videocards can be small nuclear graphical powerplants. Putting out a lot of heat when working full load to render smooth frames per second in your favourite game. Sometimes the boxed aka reference cooler is up to the task and keeps everything at reasonable operating temperatures. Though many maxed out their cooling capacity or are just too darn loud. This is where companies alike Arctic Cooling, Thermalright,... and Alpenföhn come to your rescue. Todays Alpenföhn Peter VGA cooler will try to cool our Fermi based GTX480 graphics card in stock and overclocked configuration.


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Orange Wing Boost fans

We got two sets of fans to test with the Peter VGA. Alpenföhns Wing boost series bundle silence with decent air flow. We were allowed to test the 120 and 140mm versions.




Packaging is very nice, with all the detailed specs on the backside. The 120mm fan can run as low as 5V, spinning at +/500-550 rpm. The 140mm versions minimum voltage is 7V which allows it to rotate at 600rpm. Max Rpm for the 120mm is 1500rpm, the 140 mm has to settle at 1100rpm max. Included in the package are 5-7V adapters, 4 anti vibration gummy mounts and a 40cm extention cable.




No need to explain why they refer to it as Orange edition. The normal Wing Boost houses a blue fan. Honestly these look far more classy.




Alpenföhns Wing Boost technology is based on the optimised tip design of the fans. Reducing wind turbulence, thus enhancing silence operations. Secondly the the holes are being rubber dampenend for less vibrations, baptised Soft Frame technology by our german friends. The Hydraulic Bearing design minimises friction and also contributes to low noise generation.




The 140mm version has got 2 mounting points, one similar to the 120mm version. This to make installing easier if no holes are predrilled for 140mm fans.




Some shots of the 120mm version ready to be used. With the 120mm fans I had no issues , but with the 140mm fans it needed some refitting to get them mounted right. the fans are only mounted on one side to the bracket. A small alu plate, with engraved logo, hooks up the adjacent fans, this to reinforce the mount.



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