KICKER iKICK iK501 Digital Stereo System for iPhone and iPod

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2011-06-24

The Kicker iK501 from Stillwater Designs is an iPod/iPhone dock which can deliver quite a punch and also features Composite/Stereo RCA outputs, along with a 3.5mm input, to be able to be connected to other sound sources. With the rotary control knob we can access all the product functions, but the unit is also shipped with a remote in case the dock is placed in an inaccessible location.

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A Closer Look Part II

Inside the manual, we are explained which are the main product components, how to operate the device and how to use the remote:




The slim remote control allows us to turn the unit On or Off, adjust the Volume, Skip Forward or Backwards (for Fast Forward or Rewind we have to hold the buttons); with the arrow Up/Down buttons, we can navigate through the iPod menu directory or increase values within the iK501 System menu. The Menu button helps us to navigate to the iPod root directory, but when held pressed, we will be able to get to the iK501 system menu (on the LCD display); the Enter button lets us make selections and enter subdirectories within the iPod; this button can be also used for exiting the iK501 system menu:




On the back of the remote we are shown a schematic on how to remove the battery from its compartment; a plastic film is inserted between the battery and the remote electrical contacts, to avoid accidental discharge when stored/during transport:




Like some iHome iPod/iPhone docks we looked upon previously, this dock also uses plastic inserts:




The plastic adapters come in a number of five, for the supported iPod/iPhones:




iK501 is all black, with the dock mechanism in the center and the 2-way Full-Range drivers on the sides, along with the dome tweeters:




Here is a closer look on the dock, with the connector in center; here is the place where the plastic inserts can be installed; the KICKER logo is also located here:




A vibration isolation pad can be also found here, which also supports the back of the inserted iPod/iPhone:




The Rotary Control along with the LCD display are found on the top side:




Here is a closer look on the driver and the dome tweeter, through the metallic mesh:




Looking in the back of the unit, the passive square radiator (subwoofer) is revealed:



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