KICKER iKICK iK501 Digital Stereo System for iPhone and iPod

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2011-06-24

The Kicker iK501 from Stillwater Designs is an iPod/iPhone dock which can deliver quite a punch and also features Composite/Stereo RCA outputs, along with a 3.5mm input, to be able to be connected to other sound sources. With the rotary control knob we can access all the product functions, but the unit is also shipped with a remote in case the dock is placed in an inaccessible location.

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At first I would like to thank Stillwater Designs for sending me a sample of the KICKER iKICK iK501 iPhone/iPod dock for reviewing.


About KICKER Brand:

"In 1980, KICKER® Performance Audio invented the high-performance stereo enclosure market when company founder and president Steve Irby developed the Original KICKER®, the first full-range speaker box designed specifically for automotive use. From the day we put the power to the Original KICKER, Livin' Loud® has always been the KICKER way – staying one step ahead of the pack and driven to create products that consistently raise the world's expectations for audio performance.

With the onset of the digital music age, KICKER went from the back seat and into portable media players and under the roof by launching into home and personal audio – incredible music reproduction across a wide volume range and legendary KICKER bass™ loaded into high-performance MP3 docking systems, noise-isolation earbuds and comfortable headphones.

KICKER Performance Audio products are designed and manufactured by Stillwater Designs, headquartered in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The firm began in 1973 as a two-person operation, hand-building professional sound and musical instrument speaker systems for churches, auditoriums, and entertainers. Building upon the success of the Original KICKER, the company concentrated on the mobile-audio market, applying the same successful research and design skills to the development of a complete line of high-performance components for car audio.

High-performance, mobile-audio products sold under the KICKER brand name include:


SoloX™, Solo-Baric®L7, Solo-Baric L5, Solo Classic™, CompVX™, CompVT™, CompVR®, and Comp™ subwoofers;

KICKER Sub Boxes loaded with Solo-Baric, CompVT, CompVR, and Comp subwoofers;

WX-Series, IX-Series, ZX-Series and DX-Series power amplifiers;

QS-Series matched component systems;

RS-Series matched component systems;

KS-Series component systems, tweeters and coaxial speakers;

DS-Series component systems and coaxial speakers;

KICKER Powersports coaxial speakers for motorcycles;

KICKER Marine subwoofer, sub box, ZXM amplifiers, component systems, coaxial speakers, long-throw tower system, and horn-loaded compression-driver component tower system;

KICKER Full-Range Boxes - Two-way, full-range enclosed speaker system;

KICKER Signal Processors/EQs and ZXSUM8 Summing Interface;

and KICKER Audio Accessories.


High-performance home and personal audio products sold under the KICKER brand name include:


iK501 digital docking system, iK350 digital docking system and iK150 digital docking system/table radio with alarm, all for iPod and iPhone;

ZK500 digital docking system, ZK350 digital docking system and ZK150 digital docking system/table radio with alarm, all for Zune media players;

EB141, EB101, EB101M, EB71M, EB71 and EB51 noise-isolation in-ear monitors and earbuds;

HP541 DJ-style, HP1973 retro-style and HP301 active-style headphones.


KICKER products are currently sold by approximately 1,500 Authorized Dealers in the United States. These locations are served by 15 manufacturers' representative firms. Export sales are managed through a network of distributors serving over 2,000 dealers in approximately 50 countries.

KICKER products are developed by a design team headed by Irby. This hands-on approach from the highest level of management, matched with an energetic workforce of talented individuals in all areas of the company's operations, and an innate ability to create truly musical components, has been the reason for the company's remarkable success.

As audio continues to evolve, KICKER will continue to be on the industry's cutting edge, pushing the limits of audio design technology, performance, and integration in the quest for ultimate sound."

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