RAZER Onza Tournament Edition Professional Gaming Controller Review

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Onza Tournament Edition from RAZER is an XBOX 360 controller which brings some benefits over the standard controller, like analog sticks with adjustable tension, face buttons with blacklight, extra programmable buttons or longer triggers; also, the rubberized non-slip surface comes only with the Tournament Edition version.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The new gaming peripheral from Razer named Onza (Tournament Edition model), is shipped in a small, but stylish box, with the usual theme colors; without the need to open up the box, we can see on the frontal side how the product does look like:




Some of the main product features are also listed on the front side, along with the Microsoft XBOX 360 logo:





On one of the box sides, we can find one of the other Razer products listed, for the XBOX 360 console, the Chimaera 5.1 Wireless Gaming Headset:




An impression of the product from the “RazerGuy” himself is written on the other lateral of the package:




Some additional information can be found on the back side of the box, along with the Technical Specifications and Package Contents:




On the top side, the box is fully sealed:




Along with the controller, which has a really long braided cable (15 feet = 4.572 meters), we can also find an envelope with the rest of the documentation:




On the back of the black envelope, we can find the Razer saying along with an open sign:




Along with the Quick Installation Guide we can also find a Certificate of Authenticity, a Compliance Information document, and the well known Razer stickers:



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