ECS HDC-I Mini-ITX Fusion Board Review

Motherboards/IntegratedCPU by stefan @ 2011-05-16

The HDC-I Fusion Board from ECS has a lot of connectivity options right from the factory: Bluetooth, WiFi, one eSATA 6GB/s along with 4 SATA III ports; two USB 3.0 ports are also offered. The "Turbo" option can be enabled in the BIOS and gives the system quite a noticeable boost.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The ECS HDC-I Mini-ITX Fusion board inside a rather small cardboard box, filled up with logos and extra information; on the frontal side we can find the ECS logo, along with the product name and some pictograms of the supported technologies:




Besides the described integrated graphics capabilities, support for 1080P video playback, Bluetooth or USB 3.0, we are also informed that the board is bundled with a Wireless adapter:




On one of the sides there is a small sticker which holds a short summary of the board specifications, along with some serial numbers:




The product features are described in little more details on the back:




Right after opening the cardboard box, we can find in center the main product itself, wrapped inside an anti-static bag; under it, there is a compartment which holds the accessories:




Besides the documentation (User's Guide), we can find a DVD with drivers and applications, 4 SATA cables, the wireless card wrapped in anti-static packaging, the WiFi antenna along with the internal cable, two brackets (one normal and one low profile for the WiFi antenna), and, of course, the I/O shield:




The board is very little but holds a lot of components; the large passive heatsink is found in center and has in the middle a small, but high RPM 40mm fan; on the left we can see the slot where the wireless card can be inserted, on the right we have two memory slots and on the bottom there is a PCI-Express x16 slot (x4 electrically):




In the top left corner, we can find the ASMedia ASM1445 1:2/2:1 Switch, 3.3V HDMI/DVI:



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