Enermax Hoplite case review

Cases & PSU/Cases by leeghoofd @ 2011-06-19

At CeBIT 2011 Enermax already showed us some insights in their latest case designs. Sporting their infamous Vegas fan as a real show stopper. For those that don't know the Vegas fan. Think Las Vegas, think loads of Neon lights, think flashing in all sort of ways to illminate the skyline. But there's more to the Hoplite series then just a cool fan. Enermax included some nifty features that are mostly only found on high end cases. Cases that only will be yours at a premium price.  The Hoplite is available in three different versions. Did Enermax pull it off and did they create a build/feature rich quality case at an affordable price ? Time to open the box and explore the ECA3220 review case.

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Installation and performance test

Time to mount our test gear into the CM 690 II Advanced case. It comprises off the following parts :

Asus Crosshair IV motherboard

AMD 1090T CPU with Thermalright VenomousX cooler

4Gb Corsair Dominator PC12800C8 ram

Asus 5870 ATI videocard

Corsair Sandforce F60 SSD

NEC 16X Optical DVD drive

Corsair 650 TX PSU

Note : We specially chose this a non modular PSU, So decent cable management is a requirement for a clean build. We swapped the BeQuiet unit for Corsairs 650TX version in this review.




Due to the numerous pre cut holes cable management is a breeze. Also the sidepanle with the bulkout help to easily tuck away the numerous cables. The 3220 and 3221 cases supports two videocards up to 315mm length. The 3222 version even one card up to 330mm ( this coz it has a different HD tray with only 3 HDs ). 




We hooked up our test hard drive to the hot swappable slot. Power is received via a 4 pin Molex connector.

The cut out for the Audio cable is present. The power supply dust filter is very effective. Just slide it out , rince it and put it back




It's that easy, just pop in your hard drive, no external devices or cables required ! The acessory box really contains eveything you need.




Tiem to start priming again. Running our Thuban 1090T CPU at 4Ghz at 1.4Vcore. Idle temps were measured after 30 minutes idling, the load temps after an hour of Priming. Temperatures were monitored and logged via AIDA's software



The Enermax Hoplite performs on par with most medium tower cases we have tested before. It's not a super cooling unit as the front air flow is seriously limited. Keep in mind you still have to choice of adding more fans in the top and side panel.



Similar outcome for the logged motherboard temps. Up close with Bitfenix's survivor case. Though no match at all for the Coolermaster 690 Advanced II case.



GPU temps stay well within the safe region. Adding one or two sidepanel fans will improve airflow drastically over the GPU and motherboard. So you still have loads of headroom if you want an uber cooling case. 



When you throttled down the Vegas fan to +/- 70% it becomes pretty inaudible. Though at full blast it's far too noisy and the performance gain is zero.

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