Thermaltake Max 5G Active Cooling 3.5'' External HDD Enclosure Review

Storage/Other by stefan @ 2011-05-10

Inside the Max 5G Active Cooling 3.5'' USB 3.0 External HDD Enclosure from Thermaltake, we can install in a matter of seconds our drive and start transferring data at high speeds. The dual 80mm fans help cooling the HDD while it is on, so we can obtain similar temperatures as we would have installed the drive inside a well ventilated computer case.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The Max 5G Active Cooling USB 3.0 Enclosure from Thermaltake is shipped inside a medium sized cardboard box, with lots of information on the outside; the frontal side shows us a photo of the product, while in operation, along with the list of features:




On the same side we can find some small pictograms, representing some of the product highlights:




On one of the laterals, we can find a graph, which shows the speed differences between the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces, but also some photos of the product connectors or power on/off switch:




Some more product highlights are shown with photos on the opposite side:




On the back, we can see the full list of technical specifications and the features are written in many more languages:




After opening up the box, we can see a portion of the enclosure itself in the center, which is surrounded by protective foam material, along with two boxes with the product accessories:




Along with the previously mentioned items, we can also find inside a paper which describes the warranty terms, but also a small manuals with installation instructions:




The manual has some drawings on the left side, and on the right we can see the written instructions in multiple languages:




One of the box holds two HDD spacing tabs (in case we are using smaller HDDs), a USB 3.0 cable and a special screw driver:




The power adapter that comes with the device is rated on the output 12V, 2A:



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