Kingston X58 Triple Channel kit 2250Mhz Cas 9

Memory by leeghoofd @ 2011-05-04

At the latest MSI MOA Benelux qualifier we were allowed to play with MSI's Xpower board, some 980X ES CPUs and some pretty high specced Kingston rams. The 2250Mhz CL9 triple channel kit seemed very interesting for a spin in the Madshrimps Lab. Could these blue beauties come close to the almighty Corsair Hyper IC based GTX2s ? What's the use for such a high MHz kit for  a daily user ? Is this kit Bloomfield friendly ? A lot of questions warped through my brain. Time to open the box and find some answers...

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The kit is presented in the well known Kingston packaging. Triple 2GB dimms, sandwiched inbetween the enormous HyperX blue heatspreader. (they measure 61mm in height)




Kingston never lists the exact timings on the Dimms stickers, unlike most other manufacturers do. This kit is rated for 2250Mhz with CL9-11-9-27 timings. The data sheet can be downed here







To keep the rams operating temperatures well within safe limits Kingston includes the HyperX fan.  Being blue anodised to match the colour scheme of the dimms. Powered by two 6CM Blue LED fans spinning at 3000rpm, yet at an almost inaudible 28dBA.



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