ROCCAT Alumic Gaming Mousepad Review

Others/Miscelleneous by stefan @ 2011-04-29

The ROCCAT Alumic is a mouse pad with two very different surface structures, for meeting the highest demands of both low and high-sense gamers. The high-quality aluminum gives the product extra durability over time. The large mouse rubber feet we can find in each corner assure that the product stays fixed on the table; the pad also comes with a gel-filled wrist rest for maximum comfort.

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Conclusive Thoughts

The new Alumic mouse pad from ROCCAT is practically a 2-in-1 product; by switching sides, we can either benefit from a speed optimized surface or a control oriented one. The pad has a modern shape and is pretty solid considering its aluminium core.

The wrist rest is a good addition to the product; it helps keep the wrist to stay in alignment with the hand, but the entire hand and wrist need to move as one unit, directed from the user's shoulders. Pushing the mouse with the fingers or the wrist alone, can lead to the inflammation of the upper back and neck muscles. People that do not use a wrist rest for the mouse could feel a little awkward at the first uses, till they get used to the new position.

The Alumic pad is a product to keep in mind when gaming at home, but also when going to LAN parties, considering its durability; however, a carry pouch would have been a nice accessory for an added value.

The latest mouse pad from ROCCAT can be found in shops for about 34 Euros.

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I would like to thank again to ROCCAT for making this review possible!



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