Coolermaster Storm SF-19 Strike Force battles high notebook temperatures

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by geoffrey @ 2011-04-20

If you're even half the nerd that I am you might eventually have wondered what's inside your notebook, where the irritating noise of a fan suddenly came from when watching Youtube vids, and very maybe you might have wondered why your notebook sometimes gets so hot! I'm a bit being sarcastic here as I perfectly know most of our readers indeed do understand what's going on inside the metal or plastic housing, yet still what's there to do when temps keep on rising? Notebook coolers to the rescue! Todays we'll be having a look at one of the more performant notebook coolers you'll stumble against upon your search for the perfect solution, or did we just find it four you? Read on!

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In broad daylight it looks pretty fearsome: black, large and sturdy, well prepared for heavy duty.



One button to switch on and off the LED show. A second one to select the LED color out of 8 options: 7 different LED colors + one option where it loops through all available colors.

A turning wheel alters the fan speed, turning it to the utter right will switch the fans completely off.




Integrated USB3.0 hub, the center port is used to make the connection to your notebook. On the utter right you'll spot the AC adapter connector. The Coolermaster SF-19 requires an external power adapter which switch-converts 110~220 AC voltage to 12V 2,5A. We all hate cables, we all hate extra power adapters, I can't tell I was really please to see Coolermaster adding the latter, but with these large and powerful fans I don't think they have any other option. Not using the AC power adapter will still allow using the USB3.0 ports, the LEDS will also still glow and light-up your gaming desk, yet they've left behind the LED animation this time.



A swift carrying handle to ease the mobility. You could start a debate on why you'd want this big motherf*cker travelling with you, we're not going to have this discussion, reality is that there a small yet existing demand for such devices and in that case the carrying handle is a welcome thing to have. The handle is made out of anti-slip rubber which kinda protects the SF-19 against damaging it, however not the entire edge of this cooler is wrapped around with it so if you're an unlucky man damage will till occur. The main goal is however not to protect but to keep the cooler and notebook in place.



Another nice addition is that Coolermaster has made through-holes so that you can fit few cables inside the anti-slip rubber.




Inside you'll stumble upon 2 large 140mm fans which can be regulated between 1200 and 2600 rpm. The fans are removable so that you can more or less place them at the exact place you want the air to travel to, or from. I minor thing I'd like to point out here is the lack of a dust filter. The center panel can easily be taken out so cleaning the dust filter would have not been an daunting task.



Did I mention it being large? Build out of ABS plastic the total weight is close to 2kg.

Think you've seen it by know, next page we'll be showing of some temp charts as well as a noise-test graph, and off course some conclusive thoughts.

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