TRENDnet TV-IP612WN ProView Wireless N Pan/Tilt/Zoom Internet Camera Review

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The new TV-IP612WN Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera from TRENDnet features 10x optical zoom, which is very useful to get details of objects located at a high distance, 16x digital zoom and auto focus. It also comes with Wireless N support, WPS, an included monitoring software with motion detection, IPView Pro 2.0 which supports up to 32 cameras at once and a wall/ceiling mounting kit.

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A Closer Look Contd.

Inside the Quick Installation Guide, we can find details on how to install the camera, but also on how to operate the software application:




The power adapter this camera comes with is rated 12V, 2A:




Besides the protective foam, the camera is also wrapped inside a plastic bag:




The Internet Camera is larger in size compared to the TV-IP422W and features besides the lens, on the frontal side two LEDs (one for Link and one for Power), but also a small hole for the microphone, on the left side:





On one of the product sides, we can locate the TRENDnet logo, the product code name and a Micro SD Card slot:





The back of the camera reveals a WPS button, a Power Connector, a RJ45 Ethernet port, the I/O Ports, A/V Speaker out, Microphone out and a small Reset button hole. Also here we can find the two wireless antenna golden ports:




The bottom of the camera is made of rubber and gets warm after about a half an hour of use:




Also on the bottom, we can locate a small sticker with the product code name, serial number, hardware and software versions and the hardware MAC:


The Wi-Fi antennas can be installed really quick in the back of the camera:


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