Thermaltake TTeSports CONKOR and DASHER Mouse Pads Review

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Both TTeSports Conkor and Dasher mouse pads from Thermaltake come with simple but modern designs, and are built from high quality materials. The included carry pouches are a plus for people that go frequently at LAN Parties, but also protect them from dust accumulation.

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DASHER Packaging, A Closer Look

The Dasher mouse pad comes in a similar packaging to the Conkor, but this version is mentioned to be suitable for speed movements “Speed Edition”:




The fabric texture can be seen without opening the box:




On the opposite side, we can find the full dimensions of the pad listed:




The back of the box holds information regarding the product features:




Like we have seen with the Conkor, the mouse pad does not come alone, but with a carry pouch and some warranty documentation; the pad is kept rolled with the help of a Tt Velcro strap:






The Dasher comes with a nice and clean look; the top left corner is curved, while the other corners have rounded edges. The white colored border on the left side and the red frame give the pad a sporty look:




On the top right corner, we can find the Dasher logo:




The Tt logo can be also found in the opposite corner:




Like on the Conkor, the bottom of the mouse pad has a natural rubber surface, which helps it not to move on the table during intense gaming sessions:



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