ROCCAT Kulo Stereo Gaming Headset Review

Audio/Others by stefan @ 2011-04-08

The latest Stereo Gaming Headset from ROCCAT is named Kulo, is very light (suitable for LAN Parties), and comes with an unique feature: the Automatic Mic-Mute; also, the in-line volume control is very handy. Even if it is an on-ear model, it's confortable even after many hours of use.

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Packaging, A Closer Look Part I

The latest stereo headset from ROCCAT, the Kulo, is shipped inside a box with a similar design that we could also see with the Kave 5.1 model; on the frontal side there is a transparent plastic window through which we can see how the product looks like without the need to open up the box, but we can also see listed the main product features. Some small pictograms can be also found here that represent the product highlights:





The product components are explained on one of the package sides:




On the same side we can find the impressions of a professional gamer regarding the Kulo headset:




The full list of product features can be found on the back of the box, in multiple languages:




The package is sealed on both sides, with a transparent plastic adhesive:




The headset is held fixed in a grey plastic frame:




Under the frame, we can also find a small envelope, inside a transparent plastic bag:




The black envelope contains an open sign on the back, along with the ROCCAT official website address:




Inside it, we can find the Quick Installation Guide, that explains us how to operate the value with small drawings and instructions in several languages:



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