iHome iP3 Studio Series Audio System for iPhone/iPod Review

Audio/Speakers&Amps by stefan @ 2011-04-07

The iP3 Audio System from iHome is a fully featured iPod/iPhone dock, that does not need extra plastic inserts and shares a lot of features with the more expensive model, the iP1, like the Line in jack for connecting external sound sources, Component Video out connectors or the Bongiovi DPS Acoustics.

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A Closer Look Part II

Inside the cardboard box, the power brick is found, along with its adapters, for different countries:




One end of the power brick ends with a jack plug, that provides power to the iP3:




The power brick is smaller compared with the one we've seen at the iP1 and it is rated 20V, 3250mA:




Inside the plastic bag, we can find three different manuals in different languages, some warnings, the remote controller manual, and the remote itself:




The User Guide shows us how to operate the product, with some drawings and explanations:




The iHome Rz2 remote is very similar to the one the iP1 has, with very small differences (some of the top buttons are placed differently):




On the bottom of the remote, we can find a small cover, and a plastic piece inserted between the battery and the electrical contacts, to avoid accidental discharges during transport or storage time:




The battery inside is the CR2032, one model that we have met many times before:




The manual that comes with the remote shows us what is the functionality of each button, but also how to remove and replace the battery, in case it gets worn out:




The manufacturer guides us to reset our iPod/iPhone touch or upgrade to the latest firmware, in case it does not function correctly with the dock:



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