MSI MOA Benelux qualifier 2011

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2011-03-30

It's that time of the year again. Overclockers all over the world gearing up to get them precious tickets for the World Finals in Taipei. But before taking the KLM 747 to Taiwan, there's a long road ahead. For our Benelux clockers an online event was created at the website. As usual Superpi 32M was one of the chosen tests. The other one was the new 3DMark011 benchmark. Weapons of choice for this online qualifier would be either a very fast SandyBridge CPU or an insanely fast ( read +6.4Ghz) Gulftown.  Since only single GPU cards were allowed GTX 580 was an obvious choice. Two teams from Madshrimps, Massman & Pt1t and Gamer & Leeghoofd submitted a score to grab at least one of the three spots for the Benelux qualifier at the MSI HQ in the Netherlands. Last wednesday we got the official mail from MSI that both the [M] teams were selected. Two belgian teams vs one Dutch Team consisting of Viss and Expat_Griz. How did the belgian waffles do in last saturdays event, time to read on...

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Overal results and the winner is...

Bart gave up after the 1M round, as his board didn't no longer post. He probably had some issues with condensation. The board was revived once it had dried up. Too bad buddy, next time better luck !

Here are the hand written results (with some errors lol) of our performances :




Maybe with 2 cores and EIST enabled we would have come closer to Pj's score, but no idea how far it reduced the power consumption. The 1M and GPU tests were skillfully exectuted by the Belgian soldiers. Plus with the raw power they had, it was mission impossible for us to come even close. Experience and skill rules all.  For most a logical outcome, though you can always hope for a different winner :p

Congratz Pieter Jan and Thomas, let's hope you can deliver in Istanbul to represent our humble country again in Taipei !




The Daddies didn't get a ticket, though a nice GTX 480 Hydrogen. Bart sadly went home empty handed.

Thanks a lot MSI , for the warm welcome and a well organised live event !


A big thanks to Mika and Timothé from Overclocking-TV to use some of their pictures.


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