Patriot G2 Series DDR3 1600MHz (2x2GB) Memory Kit Review

Memory by stefan @ 2011-03-30

The G2 Series memory modules from Patriot offer decent performance for their price and come with low profile heatspreaders, to allow installation of high performance air coolers. We take a look at the Division 2 Edition memory kit rated at 1600Mhz.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The G2 Series from Patriot Memory was specially designed for the Intel Sandy Bridge platform and comes in a cardboard box, full sealed on the outside:




On the front of the box, we can find the product logo, a small sticker telling us the RAM rating and its quantity, along with a photo of the modules located inside:




On the back side, we can find a small product description regarding the G2 series, from which we can find that the modules come with low profile heatspreaders (this also helps not to interfere with some of the large CPU coolers on the market), and that they are hand tested for quality assurance, but also backed by a lifetime warranty:




Inside the cardboard box, we can find another plastic enclosure:




A small installation guide can be also found here:





The memory modules come with low profile heatspreaders, which barely get warm when the system is highly stressed; on one of their sides, we can find the Patriot and G2 product logo:




The opposite side also reveals a small sticker, with the memory kit code name, some serials, memory speed and timings rating, along with the voltage:





Here is a look from the top side of the modules:



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