Thermalright TR-360 Xbox 360 GPU Cooler Replacement Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by petervandamned @ 2011-04-04

Designed for the XBOX 360 GPU, to provide better cooling and heat dissipation, reduces the chances of break down and prolong the XBOX 360 life.


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The patient and his cure

When opening the Xbox 360, surprise surprise, we found a motherboard not unlike most regular PC motherboards.

Gpu cooler is the one on the left without the heatpipe. The one on the right is the cooler for the Cpu.


Since the TR-360 was missing a manual we will make a small guide for our readers:


Step 1:


Turn over the X360 mother board and here we find some X mounting clips


Those we remove with a small screwdriver and lift this gently, and we have one side lose.



and off with this mounting clip

Step 2:

Turn the mother board back over and remove the heatsink. I did also cleaned the surface, as we also will replace the thermal compound.



Before we add the new cooler, let me show you the 2 coolers 

No doubt the one on the right should remove more heat 


Time to get some extra hands, my daughter is always eager to help me out. Placing the new TR-360 is easy as previously mentioned:


Basically there is only one way to assemble this set, the 4 mounting holes for the mounting pins and we flip over the mother board, placing the X mounting device by clicking.


Only the last step needs a bit of help with a screwdriver


And we are finished!


Well done my dear.

Needless to say we also added new thermal paste from Thermalright. Before we put the MB back in a case I want to show you some nice pictures


As we already dismounted all the parts why not put the motherboard in an new casing, as this new set-up looks amazing and maybe in time add some watercooling.


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