Corsair Hydro series H60 Watercooling kit Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2011-03-10

I was surprised that Corsair launched another complete liquid cooling model, the H60. The H50 being perfect for tiny spaces and moderate cooling demands. The H70 was able to cope with our overclocked Gulftown setup, crushing the H50's performance. It's beefier radiator and dual fan setup was a big step forward for higher cooling demands. Corsairs new H60 is the first new release of it's new partnership with the CoolIT company. Corsair continues to sell CoolIT's previous products to the end users.  CoolIT themselves will only be shipping their products to system builders and integrators. CoolIT's products at the last years Cebit 2010 looked promising but had a few too many flaws to be really competitive with the Corsair/Asetek lineup of the H50 and H70. Time to open the box...

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Performance With Intel S1366 i970 @ 4.2Ghz

We saw a big improvement over the H50 when we tested Corsair's H70. The enormous heat output by the Intel Gulftown CPU was making the H50 unit blush. Can the Hydro 60 keep it cooler ?



CPU : Gulftown i970@4.2Ghz at 1.425Vcore ( Hyperthreading on )
Mobo : Asus Rampage III Extreme (bios 0704)
RAM : 6Gb Corsair Gskill Ripjaws 1600Mhz C8
Case : Lian Li big tower case




The H60 keeping ahead of the H50, but this time the H70, aided by it's fat radiator and dual fan setup, pulls away from all of the rest. This CPU is not a stellar performer and comparison with your 970 setup might be miles off. This ES 970 is hardly benchstable under the phase change at 4.7Ghz. This due to the enormous generated heat. The Corsair units keep this monstrocity from throttling. The ECO and Vantage coolers aren't realy cutting it. Good to see CoolIT got some decent performance improvements in this combined partner product.



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