Corsair Hydro series H60 Watercooling kit Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by leeghoofd @ 2011-03-10

I was surprised that Corsair launched another complete liquid cooling model, the H60. The H50 being perfect for tiny spaces and moderate cooling demands. The H70 was able to cope with our overclocked Gulftown setup, crushing the H50's performance. It's beefier radiator and dual fan setup was a big step forward for higher cooling demands. Corsairs new H60 is the first new release of it's new partnership with the CoolIT company. Corsair continues to sell CoolIT's previous products to the end users.  CoolIT themselves will only be shipping their products to system builders and integrators. CoolIT's products at the last years Cebit 2010 looked promising but had a few too many flaws to be really competitive with the Corsair/Asetek lineup of the H50 and H70. Time to open the box...

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Performance With Intel S1155 2600K @ 4.5Ghz

Since our socket 1155 875K CPU went to hardware heaven, it was only logical to include an overclocked Sandy Bridge 2600K CPU. A 4.5Ghz OC might not sound high, as most of you have already seen 5ghz air monsters withstanding prime95 torture. Though each CPU is different, requiring other voltages and some are just hotter than others.



CPU : Intel2600K CPU at 4500mhz 1.35Vcore
Mobo : Asus P67 Sabretooth (1305 bios)
RAM : 4gb Corsair Dominator PC12800C8
Case : Xigmatek Panthéon Mid Tower Case





Similar picture as with the Socket 775. The stock H50 trailing the new kid on the block. Otherwise corsair would have named it H40 ofcourse. Though the difference is far more noticeable then during the socket 775 tests. Two degrees better and nibbling on the heels of the H70, the latter with it's fans running at 1600RPM ( 2000RPM selectable at risk of ear damage). A pretty good showing of the Hydro 60 , compared to the bulkier radiator of the H70 and it's two fans vs the slim radiator and just one fan. The CoolIT Eco and Vantage model again barely able to keep up with the old H50 unit.


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