Foxconn AHD1S "AMD APU Onboard" Motherboard Review

Motherboards/IntegratedCPU by stefan @ 2011-03-04

The Foxconn AHD1S motherboard comes equipped with one of the latest APUs from AMD, the E-350 with RADEON HD 6310 Integrated Graphics, much more powerful than the Intel Atom + Ion 2 offerings, in all productivity applications and games. The motherboard does also feature a completely passive cooling system, so it will not add any extra noise to our setup.

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Packaging, A Closer Look

The AHD1S motherboard from Foxconn is shipped inside a really small cardboard box, with a nice box art on the frontal side:




On one of the box sides, we can see a sticker with several serial numbers, along with a summary of the product components (more used by stores to sort out the products):




On the back side, we can find some of the product features listed, in multiple languages:




Right after opening the box, we can discover the board, wrapped in an anti-static plastic bag:




In the box we can also find a Quick Installation Guide, the CD with drivers, applications and the full User Guide in PDF format, the I/O Shield, two SATA cables, and some more information (for China Market Only):




The Quick Installation Guide shows us the main motherboard components, along with the steps to install properly the product, in multiple languages:




The small motherboard has the headers/ports with the same function colored the same, so we can identify them easier; the CPU is covered by a large aluminium heatsink, with an interesting shape; the chipset is also covered by an aluminium heatsink, but with smaller dimensions. As it can be seen, there is no fan present, great news for people that enjoy silent systems:





The Nuvoton NCT5573D is the SuperIO chip on this motherboard:



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